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Let’s face it. We rely on our legs all day long. 

When our legs start being a problem, we realize just how much they matter.
When varicose veins, fatigue, pain, or swelling put a real damper on your plans, we give you the very best treatment—so you can get from point A to point B, pain and worry-free.

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It’s true, varicose or spider veins can be unattractive, and that’s a valid reason to have them treated. But they can also be signs of a serious circulation problem needing medical attention. Healthy veins are as important to your well being as your heart, lungs, or any other vital organ. The good news is, you don't have to suffer from painful, swollen, or embarrassing problems. A screening and non-invasive testing will determine if you’d benefit from medical treatment. Call or email Dr. Peter Jensen, board-certified vein treatment specialist in Salt Lake City, to set up a free screening.

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Lifestyle Changes That Can Help

Changes in your everyday habits and routines can help prevent vein disease. Below are a few suggestions:

  • Avoid regularly wearing high heels. They limit the use of the calf muscles.
  • Avoid restrictive clothing that limits blood flow in the groin or calf muscles.
  • Avoid prolonged sitting or standing.
  • Take time each day to elevate your legs or take a walk. This will stimulate blood flow in your veins and help prevent valve failure.
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Most of the patients that we see have had issues with spider or varicose blood vessels in different areas of the legs. The most common causes of these problems are: restrictive clothing, standing or sitting too long without moving, wearing high heels, and not taking time to go walking. If you’ve noticed issues with your legs, please visit our clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah so that we can help you to formulate a plan for treatments or possible surgery. During that time, we’ll also discuss diseases that are related to these types of issues and lifestyle choices that will help you and your family to avoid them in the future.

You may be experiencing pain and / or pressure from areas that have spider or varicose blood vessels.  In these situations, we’d like to you schedule an appointment right away at our Salt Lake City, UT clinic. Please remember that we regularly see patients as far away as Provo and Orem.  Since pain in any part of the body should be considered vital, we encourage you to consult with us over the phone if you are too busy to come in right away. And if your symptoms worsen, we’d recommend that you visit a hospital emergency room.

With that said, if you feel well enough, we’ll make you a priority on our schedule so that treatments and surgery options can be discussed as far ahead as possible.  Although issues with blood vessels can be signs of various diseases, we would ask you to suspend any feelings of anxiety so that we can present you the facts as they become relevant.  In the medical world, speculation can only depress the person and weaken the body, so please maintain a positive attitude.

Sometimes genetic diseases and other growth factors can contribute to issues in the development of the body. For this reason, we recommend that you visit our SLC, Utah location, which is frequented by residents of Provo and Orem. After we get some time to weigh out the problem, we can discuss treatments and potential surgery if we feel that an aggressive solution is necessary.