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  • Large veins that are visible at the surface of the skin with a purple, dark red or blue color
  • Leg veins with a knotty, bulging or ropey appearance
  • Pain ranging from a dull ache to intermittent sharp pains.
  • Swelling or a feeling described as “fullness” in your legs
  • Legs that ache or tire easily
  • A feeling of heaviness after prolonged sitting, standing, or walking
  • Restless Leg Syndrome that interferes with sleep
  • Muscle cramps

What are spider veins? What are the symptoms?

Spider veins, unlike varicose veins, seldom have physical symptoms, but many people are bothered by their appearance, which is usally a roadmap-like network of very small veins visible on the surface of the legs, feet, arms, chest, neck, or head.


  • Small veins close to the skin’s surface, generally red or blue in color

What’s the difference between how healthy and unhealthy veins work?

In healthy veins, blood is pumped from the limbs back to the heart, conducted by valves that keep the blood flowing steadily. In the condition of venous reflux, the valves that conduct this steady flow of blood sometimes weaken or fail, causing blood to pool, or even reverse course, as it attempts to move through the veins.

What causes venous reflux and varicose veins?

Common causes for venous reflux include:

  • Weight gain
  • Prolonged sitting
  • Family history, or a genetic predisposition
  • Certain rigorous athletic lifestyles, such as competitive sports and running
  • Physical stress, perhaps due to long periods of standing or sitting
  • Pregnancy and hormonal changes (hormones cause veins to increase and enlarge to support pregnancy)
  • Aging (veins tend to weaken over time)

Why do Veins Matter?

Your veins help provide the vital blood supply to your legs. Vein health affects leg health, which greatly affects your quality of life. Many people seek treatment because they don’t like how their legs look. Varicose veins—often a sign of venous reflux (or venous insufficiency)—can also cause serious problems. Varicose veins can make your legs feel tired, achy, heavy, and swollen. Some individuals experience a burning, throbbing, or itching sensation. Varicose veins can also cause muscle cramps and a general restlessness in the legs (called restless leg syndrome). Over time, more serious complications may result.

Utah Vein Specialists help keep your veins healthy and restores unhealthy circulation in your legs.

Dr. Peter Jensen, our board certified physician and his staff look forward to educating you about your vein health and provide unparalleled treatment so your legs stay healthy and look their best for years to come.